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"Juno, you want a gun?"

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important questions to ask people you’ve just met
  • would u go to an orgy
  • are u french
  • would u swing like the weird swing like share wives swing
  • (because I wouldn’t)
  • what is your favorite color that is blue
  • coca cola or pepsi
  • which fast food place has the best fries
  • how do u feel about socialism
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short poems on love

I like kissing your lips
they are really soft
like as soft as butts
well, as soft as your butt

I like to brush your hair
but not in a creepy way
because that sounds creepy
shit I swear to god I’m not weird

I love it when you smile
and hold my hand and
rest your head on my shoulder
because I feel all warm inside

actually that might be the alcohol

maybe it’s both

roses are red
violets are blue
when we go to walmart
please don’t say “who are you?”

grass is green
the sun is yellow
when we go to ross’ house
try not to say “heLLOOOOO?”

clouds are white
the night is black
I’d really love to give
that booty a smack

you are you
and I am me
I love you because
you love the d

(and everything else that comes with it)

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adventures in 5 am drinking

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okay so I’ve been in and out of school for the past two years

and now I’m actually going back to fucking study in the fall

let me tell you

education is a blessing

I am so excited to go to uni again

I’m going to study in the law library because no one goes there and just

read books and smoke cigarettes or something idk

(my ecig because you know, the eternal struggle to quit)

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is this art
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yo sleepy girls waking up in your bed and making weird waking up noises is why I continue living

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burn hot, burn out.

I’ve grown tired of passion
flaring with only the slightest
breath of air, stoking the flames
with shallow, greedy gasps—

burn my hands and then burn out;
that is the destiny of you and me.

let’s stop thinking of love like a fire
and start seeing it as crimson fate;
your veins have tangled themselves
into the world I weaved called life—

we never needed to scorch the sky;
just stay and keep hearts beating.

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you of all people.

inspiration is hard to come by—

not like a lighter or some change
by chance, pulling out a dream
after rummaging in my pockets

words cut my lips now, cracked
windwhipped and bleeding onto
the filter of a smoldering cigarette

sighing smoke signals, sign language
for those who wish to keep quiet
and their heads bowed low

while everyone stares at my hands
asking me what tragedy befell them
as to make them not weave songs

the nicotine doesn’t feel good anymore
and the nights don’t stretch languidly
across the sky until the sunrise

the highs are fleeting and
the emotions are careful,
light steps on thin ice

words don’t taste the same
when fed to me with
a different tongue

and times are rough;
you should understand

inspiration is hard to come by

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